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travelbug blog View From The Porch: 2021 Strikes From Beyond The Grave

View From The Porch: 2021 Strikes From Beyond The Grave

These certainly qualify as fallen angels, as their boutiques near me prices were clobbered in the Crash (down 90% peak-to-trough for GDC and 80% for MRD). 2) People who are awaiting a ‘crash’ like 2009 are probably still huge in cash since I have started investing. Firms like this tended to be populated by quants with very impressive academic credentials. Expert systems lie in the Artificial Intelligence realm, but AI research has come a long way and it is time that quants applied this kind of technology to investing. That kind of compartmentalization encourages a degree of over-specialization that creates a form of dysfunction in the firm. You have to change the way you think and work harder. But to change, they have to work harder and differently. Quants will have to become much more market savvy. Another way is to become more empirical and heuristic in using quantitative techniques. Avner Mandelman also wrote a great column on using heuristic techniques to marry the power of quantitative analysis to the insight of fundamental investors. Think of this approach as a way of using the systematic discipline of quantitative analysis to model fundamental investor behavior.


This way of augmenting the in-store customer journey enables retailers to provide efficient and effective assistance to customers which, in turn, paves the way to improved brand reputation, loyalty, and higher revenue generation. Make no mistake. Changing this way requires real work and changing the very culture and genetic disposition of quantitative analysts. It requires cultural change. Quantitative investment firms need to change if they are to pursue the next generation of alpha. Cosider the case of Jeremy Grantham as an example of cultural change. Grantham co-founded GMO when he left Batterymarch, a former employer of mine, and both managers are known to be highly quantitative. ETFs are also indexes, and so, by definition, they provide so-called beta — that is, the return generated by the market. You are certainly not required to be market savvy. The next major resistance levels are located around $49 and then $50. Since the index is used to gauge the demand for major raw materials used in the early stages of production, it is regarded as a leading indicator for the economy… Yes. Does this involve a major investment in technology and development? The ETF also goes beyond pure tech to find applications in other industries for technology.


“We believe a market tailwind, BCOV’s leading tech platform, and strong sales execution are driving strong bookings. Oil prices, having retreated from a high of $147, are now trading at about $64 and showing some signs of stabilization. I now want to buy the stock on a break above $6 as well as a break above $6.20. Resistance is now located up around $270. A close above $3.20 resistance would get me back into the stock. The jury is still out on where this stock will head next. Despite rising nicely of late, commodity prices are still a key factor in how this stock is valued. One group is responsible for stock selection alpha, another for sector alpha. The chart below shows the relative returns of the Energy Select Sector SPDR (XLE) compared to the S&P 500. The XLE remains in a secular relative uptrend, indicating that it remains in a secular bull phase.


To capitalize on that theme of a recovery, secular commodity bull (my theme) and fallen angels, I offer the following. Yes, but where do you think competitive advantage comes from? For example, I have spoke to finance academics and interviewed junior quantitative analyst candidates who only have no idea of how to execute a trade and have a foggy idea that, yes, there is a bid-ask spread. I have demonstrated that it is possible to build quant models that does not put you into a crowded trade. Nevertheless, near-zero interest rates and other forms are stimulus are likely to put a floor on this market. A put option on securities sold to finance the project. BAC has not closed over this level in 29 trading sessions. Portfolio implementation and trading is done by another. Portfolio construction is the purview of a wholly different group, which is sometimes geographically removed from others.

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